Opportunities to Help

“…our members truly enjoyed the Red Bookshelf service. We felt that it was different, relaxing, and a time to get to know others through socializing. On that note we would love to continue contributing to the mission of the Red Bookshelf next semester.” -Nadely, Sankofa Africa at UAlbany, 2016

Volunteer- We are always looking for people excited about our mission who can help us get books into children's hands:
  • Host a Book Swap/Drive - We can help you plan this as a social event at your school or other organization, in an effort to collect the books necessary to supply the shelves.
  • Host a Collection Crate - Either long-term at a place of business, or one-time at an event (book fairs are a great place for families to cull their personal collections, in order to make room for new book purchases). We will supply a bright red crate, signs, and information sheets.
  • Tend a Collection Crate - For a crate that resides in a place of business, it is best to have one person who is responsible for checking in and emptying that crate at regular intervals. Usually this is no more than a couple times a month.
  • Tend a Bookshelf - This is the person who actively supplies the shelf with books. Generally, it is best to take books to the shelf twice a month, though it may be more often in the beginning, as flow starts off very high, before people realize the shelf will continue to be there, and flow levels off.
  • Clean and Label Books - Each book takes an average of 15 minutes to prepare so it is ready for a RED Bookshelf. If you are associated with an organization that is interested in regular book rehabbing events, we can arrange that, and guide you through it. You could also sponsor a shelf, being responsible for preparing the books on that shelf! Visit our calendar to see when we have on site opportunities to recondition.
  • Donate Books - The RED Bookshelf provides books for children and families to take home, and build their own personal libraries. We will ALWAYS take donated books!
    Donate books by appointment at 200 Green St. Albany, NY 12202:

    200 Green St

  • Donate funds for expenses - We go through a lot of supplies in our book rehabilitation activities, as well as the costs of storage, shelves, and supplies to paint them. See the DONATE button on our Mission page.
  • Sponsor a bookshelf - You or your organization can fund the roll-out of a RED Bookshelf in a new location, as we expand throughout Albany, and into the Capital District of New York!

"Children come into the CAC and see the Bright Red Bookshelf, they go straight for it...The books give them comfort and distraction from the circumstance for which they are at the CAC...Without a doubt every child seen at the CAC reads and takes a book from the shelf." – Christine Zappone, Albany County Child Advocacy Center

"It is a gift to have a program as wonderful as this exist, and even more of a gift to know how much having that bookshelf in our waiting room can do to improve a child’s life."  – Alexa Previto, Albany County District Attorney's Office