I want to do it!

How-To Video Under Construction! Check Back Soon! Scroll down for the beat, karaoke and directions!

Here is the beat! Make your own rap!

Original music created by Albany Teens at Howe Branch of the Albany Public Library! How cool is that?

Use the audio file for computer.

Karaoke version works for audio version, too!

How to Participate

  1. Check out #books2beats videos on YouTube
  2. Drop into Albany Public Libraries for #books2beats sessions
  3. Check out When I Close My Eyes, Albany, NY's featured book and karaoke.
  4. Record a karaoke version of When I close my eyes
  5. Upload it online, tag #books2beats, share it with your friends!

Books 2 Beats recording instructions

1. Prepare Beat to play on phone or computer

2. Make sure volume of backing track is loud enough to still be heard while someone raps over it

3. Get your camera set up and ready to record

4. Do a partial practice video recording with rapping to set your backing beat level

5. Before playing the backing track, start recording your video, THEN start the audio playing

6. When rapping is finished, stop recording the video

7.Upload the video to the Books2Beats website: