Donate funds for expenses - We go through a lot of supplies in our book rehabilitation activities, as well as the costs of storage, shelves, and supplies to paint them. Visit our PayPal Giving Fund to make a financial donation.

Sponsor a bookshelf - You or your organization can fund a RED Bookshelf for a full year, providing the labor and materials necessary to keep books on that shelf all year long! $6,250 is our present cost to provide books on a bright RED bookshelf in Albany.

We have 10 bookshelves on our waiting list. Please fund a RED Bookshelf and let children and families choose the books they bring into their homes!

We always need more duct tape, packing tape, and big sharpies. Help us make the books special by funding our supplies! We have supplies at 200 Green St. and we have mobile supplies that go out with us to partners!