Volunteer- We are always looking for people excited about our mission who can help us get books into children's hands:

  • Host a Book Swap/Drive - We can help you plan this as a social event at your school or other organization, in an effort to collect the books necessary to supply the shelves.
  • Host a Collection Crate - Either long-term at a place of business, or one-time at an event (book fairs are a great place for families to cull their personal collections, in order to make room for new book purchases). We will supply a bright red crate, signs, and information sheets.
  • Tend a Collection Crate - For a crate that resides in a place of business, it is best to have one person who is responsible for checking in and emptying that crate at regular intervals. Usually this is no more than a couple times a month.
  • Tend a Bookshelf - This is the person who actively supplies the shelf with books. Generally, it is best to take books to the shelf twice a month, though it may be more often in the beginning, as flow starts off very high, before people realize the shelf will continue to be there, and flow levels off.
  • Clean and Label Books - Each book takes an average of 15 minutes to prepare so it is ready for a RED Bookshelf. If you are associated with an organization that is interested in regular book rehabbing events, we can arrange that, and guide you through it. You could also sponsor a shelf, being responsible for preparing the books on that shelf! Visit our calendar to see when we have on site opportunities to recondition.