Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation is our Donor of the Month August 2018! People helping People!

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About the Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation

The Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation is the charitable arm of Sunmark Federal Credit Union.

The Foundation seeks to live the credit union philosophy of People Helping People, and serves to help various communities, support financial education and improve the qulity of life for those in need.

Sunmark has a long history of giving within the Capital Region since its beginning as a small credit union within General Electric in 1937.

As Sunmark has grown to one of the largest credit unions in the area, so too has its giving grown.

The Sunmark Foundation now supports local nonprofit organizations in the Capital Region by providing financial contributions, in-kind services, and volunteer support.

The RED Bookshelf celebrates Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation and Sunmark FCU for their dedication to making a difference!

Sunmark recognizes the inherent dignity that book ownership conveys on children and families.

Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation has generously granted The RED Bookshelf $10,000!

Sunmark Foundation sponsored our very successful bookshelf at Whitney M. Young, Jr. Health Center!

Sunmark Foundation was one of the largest donors to #books2beats which motivates children to read and rap over the summer to eliminate summer slide!

Volunteer support is the lifeblood of The RED Bookshelf and Sunmark Foundation lives their credo of People helping People!

Sunmark staff and members donated nearly 2,000 books for The RED Bookshelf! 39 Sunmark staff donated 74 hours of their time to clean and repair nearly 800 books for our bookshelves!

Nonprofits Supported by Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation: